A Tribute to Becky


Dear Becky,


I can't believe you're really gone, it just can't be for real.
I'm taking a few minutes to tell you how I really feel.


The hardest thing I've ever done is watch you in that bed,
I could not make it better, no matter what I said.


Your room was packed with friends & family, as we watched you slip away,
I never felt such pain in my heart as we tried to make you stay.


Now that you're gone when I close my eves all that I can see,
Is your blonde hair and perfect teeth smiling back at me.


I will never forget the times we've shared like coaching the volleyball team.
I wish that we could do it again, I wish this was all a dream.


If I was given two more minutes with you then I would make you see,
You showed me how to be a good person, you meant so much to me.


The only thing that soothes the pain in knowing how you were met.
I know that Grandpa and your Grandma had your place all set.


Every day I'll think of you and see your beautiful face,
I'll talk to you and wait for the day we'll meet in that special place.





The Rose
by Denise Tichenor


Climbing the stem
to rise to the top
Where the petals are soft
and fragrant


Climbing the stem
hard and course throughout
With thorns and sharp places
that assail us


Climbing the stem
through the thorns and the height
To get to the top
where it's fragrant


When we get to the top
and lie down in the bloom
We will see that
the thorns were our ladder.





"Becky's Garden"
Memorial artwork that hangs in the
Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC)
Marketing Department.
Dee Dee Werner and Brad Zlensky
(Becky's marketing partner)
who is responsible for getting
the artwork displayed at WCTC.



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