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Each soul is a beautiful flower
that passes from this earth ...
Only to bloom anew
in Heaven's Garden!

Happy 34th Birthday, Becky!

We Love You!


February 25, 2004
Forever in our hearts


Dedicated to our Beloved
Daughter, Sister & Friend
Becky Werner, age 20










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Wisconsin Proclamation:
Meningitis Day 2018

Wisconsin Proclamation: Meningitis Day 2016


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It is with great pleasure that we announce membership in the Walter Zeit Fellowship, which is the premier giving society at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Charitable gifts enable the Medical College to attract and retain the finest minds in medicine and science, and to support promising research that may lead to new treatments or cures for disease. Through the Becky Werner Meningitis Foundation, we have been able to donate over $110,000.00 to the Medical College of Wisconsin for meningitis research. Recognition as a Walter Zeit Fellow is to be shared with everyone that has donated and supported The Becky Werner Meningitis Foundation and the Mission. We are honored to be a part of this exclusive Fellowship.





God did not promise...
Days without pain
Laughter without sorrow
Or sun without rain.

But God did promise . . .
Strength for the day
Comfort for the tears
And a light for the way.

And for all who believe in
His kingdom above,
He answers their faith
with everlasting love!

--Author Unknown

Her dog, Rocky
Rocky is now a certified therapy dog!
Rocky is with Becky – 2014



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